MEPS Back End To Additives In Childrens Food

11 July 2007
The European Parliament yesterday backed proposals to ban additives and artificial sweeteners from all food aimed at babies and children.

The ban has the support of SNP MEP Alyn Smith. After the vote in Parliament Mr Smith said;

"Banning sweeteners and additives from food for children and babies could make a real difference to the diet of kids across Europe.

"There is no need for artificial sweeteners in children's food and I amhappy to see my colleagues from across Europe endorsing plans to ban them.

"If we can stop young children developing the taste for artificially sweet processed food or drink then hopefully they won't develop it when they get older.

"Scotland's young people have one of the worst health and dental records in Europe and anything that improves that has my support.

"These plans still have a way to go before they become law but I hope we will see this ban endorsed by national governments in the next year or so."

The proposals backed by MEPs on Tuesday (10th July) which are not yet law would completely ban sweeteners and additives from food for babies and children as well as introducing new controls on the use of sweeteners, colourings, preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, gelling agents and packaging gases in processed food to ensure they do not pose any health or environmental risks to consumers.There would also be a single European process for approving any newadditives to ensure the highest standards apply across the EU.