Scottish Eurovision Campaign Off to Flying Start

04 July 2008
SNP member of the European Parliament Mr Alyn Smith has today congratulated the Scotland in Eurovision campaign team on a great launch to their campaign, with confirmation from the European Broadcasting Union that they are following the campaign "with great interest" and open to the idea of a Scottish Eurovision entry.

Smith said:

"I never doubted the enthusiasm of the Scotland in Eurovision team, and is clearly going strong. I was particularly impressed they managed to get a Saltire onto the home page of the official Eurovision website itself, not a bad start!

"The news that the EBU has noticed and is following the campaign with such enthusiasm is great news, and it is good to know that the EBU has recognised that there are other voices in the UK than just BBC London. While the BBC does hold the franchise at present, there is nothing in the EBU rules which stop a Scottish entry and were a Scottish broadcaster to get in on this then the BBC would have to justify continuing to hold the competition, and this can only work in Scotland's favour.

"With 80% of the hits on the website supporting the Scottish entry, and a wheen of supporters signing up by the hour things are clearly going well, and this will run and run."

Lynn Allan of Scotland in Eurovision said:

"We have been absolutely delighted with the response to the campaign so far. While we are not surprised by the levels of support from the Scottish public, it is brilliant to see that we are causing a stir across at Eurovision headquarters too! However, I would still urge anyone who hasn't registered their support yet to log on to our website so we can show just how strong the campaign is to get Scotland on to the Eurovision stage."