Crazy Frog Gets It In The Neck With Crackdown on Ring Tone Scams, Says Smith

17 July 2008
Alyn Smith SNP MEP for Scotland has welcomed the announcement by the European Commission today, that it will launch inquiries into ring tone websites across Europe.

The announcement came on the back of an initial investigation by the Commission which uncovered a high proportion of consumers were being tricked into subscription packages, when they were under the impression the service was free, or came with a one off fee.

Alyn Smith said:

"This is great news for mobile phone users, particularly kids who are all too often conned by these off the wall deals.

"From the charges these companies make, it's clear that this is big business. Ring tone websites have been swindling consumers for far too long.

"I hope this investigation by the Commission will send a clear message to ring tone websites that if they are found to be abusing consumer trust, then there will be consequences to their actions."