Europe Day Celebrations Get Underway in Scotland

08 May 2008
SNP MEP Alyn Smith is to take part in celebrations for Europe Day (9 May) in Scotland tomorrow by chairing a workshop for school children from across the country at the Scottish Parliament. He will be discussing economic development and fair-trade.

The aim of the day is to raise awareness of European and international development policies as well as examining the role of the EU in supporting international development and the impact of its economic policies.

Mr Smith will also be attending the EU pub quiz being organised by the European Parliament Office at Centraal, in Edinburgh, on Friday night at 7.30pm.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Smith said:

"I am delighted to be involved with the celebrations taking place to mark Europe Day 2008. The aims of the conference are highly admirable and I am thoroughly looking forward to hearing the opinions of the young Scots who will be taking part.

"There are many myths and legends about the impact the European Union has on Scotland and while we all accept that the EU is not without flaws, it remains very important to educate Scots, in particular young Scots, about the benefits that can be gained from working with our European neighbours.

"Although I took considerable persuasion, I have decided to spend my Friday night in a pub in Edinburgh. Holding a pub quiz is certainly an unusual, but very enjoyable, way of celebrating the European Union. I am ready and willing to accept any challengers in the pub quiz but be warned, I have been reading up and will not accept losing gracefully!"