Scotland's Agriculture MEP Embarks on Nationwide NFUS Surgery

28 May 2008
"Ask me, Tell me, Chin me!"

Scotland's only full member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee Mr Alyn Smith has today announced a nationwide programme of farmer surgeries organised by National Farmers Union Scotland, one to be held in each of the NFUS regions nationwide. The working title of the programme of meetings is 'the ask me tell me chin me tour'.

The meetings will be an opportunity for NFUS members, local and national journalists to raise any issue of concern with Mr Smith, to ask what action is underway in Brussels and to if necessary demand changes to EU policies.

Mr Smith said:

"I'm delighted NFUS has been able to set this up, and pleased as ever to be working closely with them. After sixteen months on the Agriculture Committee I hope I have a pretty good handle on my remit, but there is no substitute for getting out and speaking to the people who work in the industry.

We're being slightly provocative with the title of the programme, but that is the idea. I'll make myself available to the members in every NFUS region, and the meeting format is me versus the audience, with no subjects or issues off limits.

"I think that there is a recognition amongst the farmers of Scotland that the SNP government in Scotland is making a real difference to farming and rural life, and as an SNP MEP I'm proud to be representing Scotland in the Agriculture Committee. But we can always do more, and there are certainly plenty of real issues in the pipeline here in Brussels.

"I urge any NFU members who have any questions or problems they want to discuss with me to come along to their nearest surgery."

Mr Smith's surgeries are open to any NFU members and are taking place on the following dates:

  • 11th June - Inverness (Highland region)
  • 12th June - Edinburgh (Lothian region)
  • 13th June - Stirling (Forth & Clyde region)
  • 27th June - Perth (East Central region)
  • 21st July - Dumfries (Dumfries & Galloway region)
  • 23rd July - Ayr (Ayrshire region)
  • 25th July - Oban (Argyll & Islands region)
  • 28th July - Aberdeen (North-East region)
  • 30th July - Lerwick (Orkney & Shetland region)