SNP Duo Seek Euro Support for Wellhouse Hub

03 June 2008
Local Councillor David MacDonald of Baillieston and Alyn Smith MEP met with volunteers and staff from the Wellhouse Community Hub to discuss matters of importance to the local community, and Mr Smith undertook to seek EU Funding for development plans.

Both Councillor MacDonald and Mr Smith were given a tour of the Hub's facilities as well as the low down on the wide ranging issues affecting local inhabitants, from social inclusion to housing.

Speaking after the visit Councillor MacDonald said:

"Alyn's visit was really appreciated by everyone at the Hub, you don't often see an MEP in the east end of Glasgow. I'm grateful that Alyn took the time to recognise the hard work and dedication of the staff and local people at the hub.

"Wellhouse is a great example of the benefits of community ownership and what can be achieved in local communities. They have done a tremendous job in changing the community and the lives of local people for the better."

Mr Smith said:

"David has been very vocal in pushing the Hub's case, but I'll come and see any project any SNP councillor wants me to and it is my job to turn up funding in Brussels.

"The staff at Wellhouse Hub raised their innovative proposal to convert derelict pensioner flats in Wellhouse, and encourage small local businesses to redevelop the space.

"This is exactly the kind of dynamic proposal that all communities should be striving for. I commend the innovative approach that the staff at Wellhouse Hub has taken, and hope we can turn up a positive result for them in Brussels."

Pauline Smith of the Community Trust said:

"Having Alyn visit was a fantastic opportunity for us to show the changes that a community like Wellhouse can make. The Trust, along with the local housing association is committed to make long-lasting changes to the area and through dedication of staff, volunteers and the community we believe and can prove that we're on the right road."