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European Parliament - Complete Programme

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Programme breakdown

  1. Introduction to the European Parliament. Alyn Smith introduces journalist Lesley Riddoch for a quick overview of the European Union.
  2. Democracy. How your MEP is elected and how the committees and full parliament function.
  3. Back Office. Much of the work of an MEP is behind the scenes with a small staff and informal meetings.
  4. Brussels. A city of diplomacy, it’s important for Scotland to have a voice at the hub of Europe.
  5. Real Issue 1. How Europe affects people in Scotland. Renewable Energy is a plentiful resource in Scotland which requires Europe wide infrastructure.
  6. Real Issue 2. How Europe affects people in Scotland. Europe has the ability to influence community health. A proposed ban on ‘transfats’ in food is widely welcomed.
  7. Real Issue 3. How Europe affects people in Scotland. The implementation of agricultural policies improves food standards and establishes an open and fair market.
  8. Other democracies. Scottish people are represented by Holyrood and Westminster as well as the European Parliament. It’s important there is dialogue.
  9. Edinburgh Office. MEPs have a local constituency office who coordinate activities at home and organise face to face meetings.
  10. Difficult questions. A no holds barred interview that addresses preconceptions, misconceptions and harsh realities about the European Parliament.


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