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Independent Scotland - a different partner for Europe

Smith confirms Scotland will be engaged and at the heart of the EU

Scottish MEP Alyn Smith addressed a policy debate at the Centre for European Policy Studies in Brussels where he spoke of the dangers of the UK hurtling towards the EU exit door and the contrasting role that an independent Scotland wishes to take up in Europe.

The Euro MP went on to say that the proposals for an independent Scotland in the EU are based entirely on law, democracy, pragmatism and mutual self-interest.

Smith said: 

“Scotland is a good news story about faith in democracy, faith in community and, indeed, faith in the European ideal. 

“It is an energising discussion not about nationalism but democracy, about where - in our multilateral interconnected world - power should lie. In a world where borders matter less, power matters more; the power to make our own decisions and speak for ourselves.

“The UK government is hurtling towards the EU exit door, and unless something massive alters the direction of travel I think Brexit is a realistic hypothesis. We will let the UK government speak for its own actions but what is clear is that the people of Scotland want to make our own decisions on how we interact with the rest of Europe.”

 “We have already committed that an independent Scotland will have a written constitution. We will seek to remain in the NATO alliance, but we will be an avowedly non-nuclear member of it, where presently the entirety of the UK nuclear arsenal is based in Scotland. 

“We will be a different actor in the world and a different partner in the EU, because a country of over 5 million people has a different sense of itself, and its place in the world, than larger countries. 

 “Scotland will be a reasonable, constructive player.  We will, of course, promote our interests, but we will be as keen to seek allies and partnership.

“Our proposals on continued EU membership are reasoned, respectful and based entirely on law, democracy, pragmatism and mutual self interest. 

“If you want to top up your faith in democracy come visit Scotland, you’ll be very welcome.”