Increased footfall for butchers hailed

Responding to the results of a survey conducted by Quality Meat Scotland which showed that 92% of Scotland's butchers' shops had experienced increased footfall in February in the wake of the horsemeat scandal, Alyn Smith MEP (full member of the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee) said:

"The scandal surrounding horsemeat in our processed food highlighted just how unconnected consumers have become their food. This disconnection is particularly frustrating as our farmers in Scotland are renowned for their top quality produce across the world but there is simply not enough recognition of this within the home market.

"My work in my local butchers' shop in Edinburgh last week made one thing clear though - that this scandal is making people think twice about where their food comes from. Customers were wanting to know just how far their meat had travelled and were asking questions about traceability and welfare.

"With this survey showing that 92% of butchers' shops are seeing increased customer numbers and a big increase in the numbers of customers asking about the sourcing of their meat, I hope this trend continues.

"This is a welcome change of behaviour and I am happy to see our producers and retailers finally benefitting as they should thanks to their good practices and short supply chains."

In order to highlight the benefits of shopping locally and keeping supply chains short, Alyn Smith recently spent a morning working at his local butchers' in Edinburgh. For more information, please see

For more information on the survey, please see QMS Scotland -