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Flight delayed? The EU has you covered


As we jet off for warmer climes this summer, Alyn Smith MEP says ‘know your rights’ and don’t get ripped off by airlines.

The SNP Euro MP said:

“With the great Scottish summer persuading lots of us to nip off somewhere for a few days, the airports are going to be as busy as ever.

“Sometimes, though, the most stressful part of a holiday is the travelling.  We often feel at the mercy of an airport departure board and that dreaded ‘delay’ that flashes up.

“There’s little you can do to avoid that, you are entitled to a few things however.  EU rules mean passengers have rights which include free meals, refunds and compensation if your trip is delayed or cancelled.

“Thanks to the new rules you could claim up to €600 if your flight is more than three hours late and free accommodation if you have to stay overnight.

“The new legislation applies to all airlines operating inside the EU, whether they are European-based or not, and wherever you’re flying to.  As long as you are flying from an airport in the EU you are protected.

“It’s not just air travel, either.  If you are travelling by train, bus or ferry you now have similar rights.

 “So if you’re travelling this summer, it’s worth spending a few minutes checking out your rights and finding out what you can do if your travel is disrupted.”