European Parliament sets out EU energy plans

The European Parliament has approved a framework for the future of Europe's energy sector.

The Energy Roadmap 2050 provides a broad overview of all energy issues designed to achieve a low-carbon economy in Europe. This will include milestones and targets on greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy and energy efficiency, with the aim of establishing an ambitious and stable legal and regulatory framework.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

"This report offers workable post-2020 strategies and a clear policy framework for 2030. This will go a long way in helping us achieve the low-carbon 2050 objectives while improving Europe's competitiveness and security of supply.

"We need to start getting serious about renewables and this roadmap gives us the structures around which we can drive the renewable sector. I have some concerns over the fact that nuclear energy was mentioned in the report in a positive light; I believe, like the majority of the Scottish people believe, that nuclear power is dangerous, expensive and ill-conceived. It has no place in Europe's energy future.

"We can meet our energy security goals and deliver emissions reductions of up to 95% by 2050 if we move rapidly to a high-efficiency, renewable energy-based economy. Scotland is leading the way on renewable energy in a global sense and, with the help of this Energy Roadmap, we will continue to lead.

"Scotland's massive energy reserves, both traditional and renewable, place us at the very heart of Europe's energy future. This is one of the big reasons why Scotland will be warmly welcomed as an independent Member State of the EU."