European campaign in full swing in Perthshire


A week before polls open for the European election, Alyn Smith MEP was in the town of Dunkeld as part of the SNP’s campaign. The candidate visited local businesses and spoke to residents, emphasising the importance of EU membership to small communities in Scotland and the need for a strong SNP team in Brussels, which will always put Scotland’s interests first.

Smith said:

“The people we met in Dunkeld are very much aware of the value of the European Union to small communities in Scotland.

“I was delighted to visit Kettles of Dunkeld and a number of other thriving local businesses. It becomes obvious that, for them, being part of the European Union is integral to the prosperity of their businesses and anti-European rhetoric poses a threat to their future development and to the growth of local economies across the length and breadth of Scotland.

 “The SNP manifesto for the European Parliament launched this week represents a strong platform upon which our team stands for this election. It sets out the positive progress we want to see in Europe and our priorities in terms of achieving that progress.

“Only by voting SNP on 22nd May we can keep backwards-looking UKIP out of Scotland and make sure we have a strong team in Brussels ahead of independence vote in September. This is how we can make the most of the international opportunities available to us and make Scotland’s mark on Europe.”

Campaigning_in_Dunkeld.jpegCouncillor Grant Laing said:

“It was a pleasure to welcome Alyn to Perthshire and I was delighted by the response we received here in Dunkeld.

“The dynamics of the campaign are now clear and the people of Perthshire seemed very much aware of the choice facing them at the ballot box next week. That is the choice - for Scotland’s final seat - between a socially just, inclusive Scotland that works in partnership with Europe, represented by the SNP, or the anti-devolution, anti-European and thoroughly unpleasant agenda of UKIP.

“We must continue to work hard over the next week to ensure that our message is heard and that the people of Scotland get the representation they deserve; only a strong team of SNP MEPs in Brussels can deliver for our nation.”