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European campaign gathers momentum in Fife

With 10 days left until the European election, SNP MEP and candidate for the European election, Alyn Smith, was in Dunfermline on Monday, speaking to voters in the constituency. Smith spoke of the SNP’s positive vision for the future of Scotland in Europe, stressing that by electing a strong team of SNP MEPs, and then voting for independence, Scotland has a fantastic opportunity of truly making its mark on the continent.


Smith said:

“What is becoming increasingly clear is that this European election is now a straight choice for voters in Scotland between the SNP and UKIP for the sixth seat. The politics represented by these two parties and their candidates are the antithesis of one another.

“Our message got a very positive reception from the people of Dunfermline today. I am confident that Scots will vote for a strong SNP team who represent progressive politics and will seek to engage positively in Europe to pursue Scotland’s interests, and that these same voters will simultaneously reject the backward and thoroughly unpleasant agenda of UKIP who want to see us out of Europe and would undo the progress made in Scotland since devolution.

“There are thousands of jobs not just here in Dunfermline but throughout the length and breadth of Scotland which are intimately linked to being part of the EU and the common market. The EU is vital to the Scottish economy and, in turn, Scotland can make a huge contribution to Europe, whether that is in areas like research, through our energy potential or through setting an example of progressive social policies.

“Electing a strong team of SNP MEPs in this election, and then voting for independence, gives Scotland the best opportunity of truly making our mark in Europe.”