Europe closer than ever to stamping out EU subsidies for bullfighting

Alyn Smith, Scottish Member of the European Parliament’s Agricultural Committee and honorary Vice President of the Scottish SPCA, has vowed to continue the fight against indirect EU subsidies for bullfighting, following a narrow defeat in Strasbourg today.

Alyn’s group proposed a budget amendment that would stop farmers from using subsidies from the Common Agricultural Policy to rear bulls destined for the bullfighting rings of Spain.

Smith said:

“We are now closer than ever before to ending EU subsidies for this barbaric and outdated sport. The European Parliament has made a political statement against the indirect subsidising of bullfighting with EU money.

“Of course I’m disappointed this amendment didn’t pass outright. However, today we saw a majority of MEPs backing this in principle.

“Although we didn’t get the result we wanted, our fight to defend animal rights in Europe isn’t over.

“Funds designed to support farmers who produce food should not be used to subsidise the mistreatment of animals.”