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Euro MP pays a visit to the Royal Blind School

SNP MEP Alyn Smith today (Friday) met with pupils and staff from the Edinburgh school for the blind and visually impaired to talk about their expanding collaboration with Europe and their aspirations for the future.

Smith said:

“It’s always a pleasure to get to know about European educational projects in action and the Royal Blind School is a perfect example of a school that, through the Comenius programme, successfully engages with our European partners for the benefit of our children.DSC_7740.JPG

“I am delighted that the school, which is just around the corner from my home, is taking advantage of the ‘STEP UP!’ programme and takes part in developing resources and ideas about safe travel and movement to support pupils, their parents, carers and education staff.

"The school should be commended on its engagement with the programme. It was great to see, first hand, the benefit it is having to everyone at school and I would encourage other schools to engage with similar schemes.

“This collaboration on a European level means that a delegation from the Royal Blind School was able travel to Sweden and Luxembourg to exchange ideas with participants from eight other countries, and the school was also proud to host international delegations here in Edinburgh."