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EU won't ban e-cigarettes

Recently, many constituents have been emailing me with their stories about the role e-cigarettes played in helping them quit smoking. This is fantastic news but people are now worried that the EU now plans to ban e-cigarettes completely.

The EU is not banning e-cigarettes. They will still be sold in high street shops and supermarkets.

New legislation merely means that, from 2016, e-cigarettes will have to include modest written health warnings and the maximum nicotine concentration will remain fixed at 20mg/ml. Currently the nicotine dosage of a regular cigarette is 16mg.  

The Scottish Government has recognised that e-cigarettes can potentially help people reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke, or even stop smoking completely. However, it is concerned that the devices could re-normalise smoking and has said it will make e-cigarettes an age-restricted item to protect public health. The BMA has recommended this be set at 18, the same as conventional cigarettes. 

The EU has published a brief overview of the e-cigarette legislation which you might find useful and is available here 

So don’t worry - the EU isn’t banning the vapers, just making them safer.