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EU votes for policy development strategy to include LGBTI rights

Scottish MEP Alyn Smith, member of the European Parliament’s LGBT Intergroup, today lauded the inclusion of LGBTI rights in the EU’s 2015 development strategy. 

EU policy will now pay particular attention to the protection and respect of the rights of migrants and minorities, including LGBTI people and those living with HIV. 

Alyn, a Trustee of LGBT Youth Scotland said:

“Development policy and LGBTI awareness and rights should indeed go hand in hand. This report backs progressive and sensible policies that will go a long way to promoting equality in countries where progressive forces need all the help they can get. 

“Anti-LGBTI legislation is on the increase, which only serves to deter people from being tested and, if necessary, treated, out of genuine fear of being branded a criminal.

“This is a human rights issue and I’m very proud of the Parliament for defeating attempts by right-wing elements to remove paragraphs on sexual and reproductive rights from the report.”

Ulrike Lunacek MEP, Co-President of the Intergroup-designate on LGBTI rights, agreed:

“Only by guaranteeing universal access to health care, in a non-discriminatory way, can we be successful in our fight against HIV/AIDS. I am glad the Parliament spoke out for this.”