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EU Voice For Scotland's Energy & Research Sectors

Alyn Appointed To Key Eu Committee

There will be a new voice for Scotland's energy and research sectors in the EU after the European Parliament voted SNP MEP Alyn Smith on to its influential Industry, Research and Energy Committee (ITRE).


Alyn said:

"I am absolutely delighted to be voted on to ITRE, and I am very excited about getting my teeth into the issues currently affecting the sectors in Scotland.

"This is a crucial time for the energy sector. Scotland's abundant energy resources are being developed by some 2,000 companies, and government targets have committed Scotland to widespread adoption of renewable energy sources. The sector is vitally important too; the oil, gas and renewable energy sectors make a significant contribution to our economy and provide substantial opportunities for investment in Scotland.

"Scotland has world class research institutions and I am pleased their interests will now be represented in the committee. Historically, Scottish research has contributed greatly to scientific breakthroughs and life-changing inventions, such as penicillin, anaesthesia, CT and MRI scanners and the p53 cancer suppressor gene. Today, that legacy drives our economy and we produce thousands of high-calibre graduates every year across the industry spectrum.

"I was previously a member of ITRE back in the 2004-2009 mandate. I successfully secured a visit of the European Energy Commissioner to Scotland in 2006 and I played a key role in the ongoing dispute on high energy transmission costs, including the issue of discriminatory charging against remote renewable electricity providers.

"As the only Scottish member of ITRE I will be able to represent Scotland's interests and also showcase our achievements. I am looking forward to working closely with key figures and organisations in Scotland and I would encourage anyone to get in touch."

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