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EU to do more to prevent a massacre in Syrian city of Kobane

Scottish MEP questions EU strategy for the region

Scottish Member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Alyn Smith MEP, has called on the international community to step up cooperation with Turkey, Jordan and the Kurdistan Regional Government in the fight against ISIS, particularly to tackle their oil and energy supplies. These steps are vital to stop the import of mobile refineries to Islamic State controlled territories, and prevent a massacre of the civilian population of the besieged Syrian city of Kobane.

Smith said: 

“Conflict oil is an area where the EU can make a real difference in the fight against ISIS, which derives some revenue from the sale of conflict oil but more importantly, uses oil refineries in its territories. This gives IS a degree of operational and energy independence, which is needing to be curtailed.

“IS controls three main oil refineries in Syria, which have been degraded by airstrikes leaving the continuing problem of the importation into IS territory of mobile oil refineries.  This isn’t complex technology, it takes barely ten days to put a mobile refinery together and onto a lorry and that is giving IS real operational independence.

“The EU could readily step up cooperation, particularly with Turkey, Jordan and KRG to stop the importation of this technology to IS controlled areas, and while it will not defeat them immediately, choking off their oil and petrol supplies will start to choke ISIS itself.”