EU Parliament condemns violence against women in Iraq

The European Parliament stands united in unreserved condemnation of the killings, rape and torture committed by IS fighters and sends a strong message calling for the end of violence and abuse against women in Iraq.

Scotland’s member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Alyn Smith, applauds the move and urges the west to take responsibility for our involvement in shaping Iraq’s crumbling political system.

Speaking in the debate Alyn said:

“It’s important we remember that the intervention in Iraq was a catastrophic failure of judgement and politics on the part of western community and those in favour of intervention should hang their heads in shame. We’ve tipped Iraq to the abyss and women are suffering, men are suffering and children are suffering.

“But it’s right in this resolution we take stock on the dreadful situation of women in particular. We’ve got a couple of ideas in the text, there is much in the text to admire, paragraph 12 in particular raises the plight of the LGBT community within Iraq, paragraph 13 urges Iraq to implement UN Security Council resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security.

“We do have a few ideas within this resolution about how to improve the situation of women in Iraq but we have a historic responsibility to women, men and children of Iraq to not walk away and remain engaged to make their lives better.”

Full text of EP resolution

Fact sheet on violence against women in Iraq, the Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation

A video of the speech should display above, if not you can find it on Alyn's YouTube channel