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EU Deal Brings Lower Data Costs For Mobile Use

SNP MEP for Scotland, Alyn Smith, has welcomed the agreement between the European Parliament and the European Council which will see lower charges for mobile phone use when roaming across borders.

Alyn did, however, express disappointment that the eventual cuts were not more substantial.

Alyn said:

"As the summer approaches, this deal is good news for Scots planning on leaving our shores for their holidays. Calls, texts and data roaming will all become cheaper thanks to this deal, leaving more holiday money in people's pockets.

"Data roaming charges are far too high, and have been for far too long. While we have seen progress on call charges, data charges have not been targeted, though the increasing use of smartphones has raised this issue up the agenda which is absolutely to be welcomed. Indeed, incredibly, this legislation dealt with internet and data roaming costs for the first time.

"It is a shame that a greater reduction hasn't been made and that we'll have to wait for another review to finally end the outrageous roaming rip off, but all the same it is welcome that we are now moving in the right direction."

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