EU Commission plastic inaction - SNP seeks better measures

The European Commission’s proposals to reduce plastic waste have had a mixed reception from MEPs.  With no annual targets and nothing to reduce the use of the carrier bags littering our streets, MEPs are saying the measures don’t go far enough. 

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said:

“Plans to tackle plastic waste are welcome but it is disappointing that they don’t go as far as we hoped.  Annual targets so people can see progress, including targets for each country would have been better.

“Plastic carrier bags would have been an easy improvement for the EU to make.  The Scottish Government has already shown one way forward with its plans to bring in a charge for bags and a similar scheme is already working in Ireland. 

“8 billion plastic bags end up as litter every year in the EU and the Commission could have taken action to protect the environment.  Scotland is acting but environmental waste doesn’t stop at borders and a European-wide movement would have helped a lot.

“I’ll wait for this to come to the Parliament, where we can make some changes and beef-up these proposals.”