Erasmus Celebrates 25 Years

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has today (Tuesday) welcomed the 25th Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme.

Since 1987, Erasmus has given nearly 3 million young people and teachers across Europe the ability to study and work abroad.

Alyn said:

"As a former Erasmus student myself, I am delighted the program has reached this milestone. It has been an incredibly successful 25 years.

"The Erasmus programme is the EU's flagship student exchange programme. It was founded on the principles of Scottish legal education, with students spending part of their course overseas and founded under mypredecessor Winnie Ewing MEP.

"Created in 1987, it allows students to carry out part of their studiesor a work placement abroad in one of the 33 partner countries (the 27member states of the EU, as well Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway,Switzerland and Turkey). Erasmus also supports teacher mobility,language teaching and, since 2007, work placements in companies.

"Scotland welcomes over 1500 students from European nations each yearand I want Scotland and Scottish universities to continue to welcome asmany overseas students as possible. I hope more and more Scots students to take the opportunity to go overseas themselves and broaden their horizons.

"Erasmus exchanges enable students to improve their knowledge of foreignlanguages and to develop skills, such as adaptability, which improve theirjob prospects"