EP backs deal to make lorries safer and greener

Alyn Smith SNP member of the European Parliament has welcomed the new EU rules on truck weights and dimensions adopted in Strasbourg today, which will provide for safer lorry cab design and allow manufacturers to increase the length of lorry cabs if this improves road safety and environmental performance.

The new EU rules will not allow for the cross-border transport of so-called mega trucks or gigaliners.
Alyn said:
“The news rules are far from perfect and of course more emphasis is required on sea and rail transport but on balance it is good news. The Parliament has also managed to secure the introduction of a new and safer lorry-cab design. This measure will save lives of the most vulnerable road users, such as cyclists.
“The new rules mean that the current brick-shaped lorries, which are inefficient and very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians, will be phased out and replaced by HGVs with much better vision and crucially a crumple zone which means that cyclists and pedestrians are not forced under the wheels in a collision. Although this vital measure will be delayed until 2021, it will be introduced earlier than proposed by truck manufacturers.
“In Scotland we have in recent years invested significantly in infrastructure and safety campaigns for the benefit of cyclists, including awareness-raising for motorists on how to reduce the danger they pose to cyclists and will continue to do so. These new rules complement our efforts from both an environmental and road safety perspective, to make roads safer and more accessible for all users.
"Crucially, the cross-border transport of so-called mega trucks or gigaliners was thwarted. I have received hundreds of emails from people across Scotland expressing their concern with the proposals and I’m glad to see these controversial measures rejected. For safety and environmental reasons we must focus on redirecting freight from our roads to sea and rail transport and the introduction of gigaliners was not going to achieve that.”

You can hear Alyn explain the new rules in his own words here: