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'Energy Security Must Be At Forefront of EU Energy Policy'

EU 2050 Energy Roadmap Discussed In Energy Committee 

Alyn Smith, SNP MEP and sole Scots member of the European Parliament’s Energy Committee has today (Wednesday) highlighted the significance of energy security in the EU’s long-term energy goals.

During an exchange of views on the European Commission’s Energy Roadmap, which sets out and asses the EU’s energy future, Alyn argued that energy security should be at the top of the agenda and stressed that while energy is and must remain firmly within the control of member states, by acting across and within the EU single market we can achieve more than any one member state, big or small.

Alyn said,

“While energy is crucially a competence of member states, much can be achieved from collaboration at EU level, and the achievement of a secure energy infrastructure is paramount.

“Energy security should be viewed alongside our national security, and our food security. It's that important.

“In Scotland, we know we have won the energy lottery, in fact we can supply more than we need. It is therefore vital for us, that the EU’s energy market is based on an efficient and secure energy network. There's no loss of sovereignty- a nation's recources are a nation's resources- but an interconnected Europe crucially secures their own energy supply.

“We need to join up our infrastructure, and speed up the often bureaucratic process of identifying projects and securing funding. The benefits include greater competition and so reduced energy prices across Europe. It will also accomodate the increasing influx of clean, renewable energy.    

“The aim of the EU Roadmap is to achieve the low-carbon 2050 objectives while improving Europe’s competitiveness and security of supply. It enables member states to join foces in coordinating their efforts within a broader energy framework.“