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Edinburgh recognised for smart investment in culture

EUROCITIES hail the capital as the best practice example.

Edinburgh and Dundee have been selected by EUROCITIES as a best practices examples to be showcased in the Culture for Cities and Regions catalogue.

The capital’s Museums Alive initiative, which offers access to museum collections and activities for older people with mobility disabilities or any other special needs, attracted international recognition.

Alyn Smith MEP has praised the Edinburgh’s Museums & Galleries and the Council for successful partnership, bringing museums into the elderly community and stimulating sharing of conversation and memories.

Alyn said:

“Edinburgh is inspiring cultural change and I’m proud that the partnership between the capital’s Council and Museums & Galleries has been so successful.

 “This recognition from EUROCITIES, a network that brings together more than 135 local governments in 35 countries, is an important signal proving that cross-sectorial cooperation can bring enormous benefits to our communities.

“Museums Alive is worthy sustaining and thanks to hardworking volunteers it will continue to improve quality of life of our elderly citizens in the future. The challenge of adequate care and support for older people is a global challenge and I’m glad that an initiative developed in Edinburgh has been promoted as an example of best practice.”

 For more information visit the EUROCITIES website.