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Edinburgh firm gets go-ahead for Lewis wave farm

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has welcomed the news that Edinburgh-based company, Aquamarine Power, has got the go-ahead from the Scottish Government to develop the world's most advanced wave farm off the north-west coast of Lewis.

The green light from the Scottish Government allows Aquamarine to develop the largest commercial wave array in the world in one of the best wave energy locations in Europe.  50 Oyster wave machines will produce 40MW of clean, renewable electricity and power nearly 30,000 homes.  The Edinburgh firm, through Lewis Wave Power Limited, will begin installing Oysters at the site as soon as the necessary grid infrastructure is in place.

Alyn said:

"Congratulations to Aquamarine Power; this is great news for wave energy in Scotland.  The Oyster machine is a fascinating device developed here and will be leading the world from the Hebridean coastline.  With this news the Hebrides adds remarkable advances in energy technology to its stunning landscapes and wildlife and sets the standard for future development.

"This will be one of the first wave farms in the world and puts us in pole position to take full advantage of our good fortune.  With 10% of Europe's wave potential and a quarter of its tidal energy resource, the opportunities for this sector in Scotland are massive.

"Ocean energy is a massive untapped resource; 0.02% of the energy in ocean waves could supply the entire world's energy requirements. Our oceans have a huge role to play in contributing to Europe’s renewable energy mix and Scotland's ideal location and conditions mean that we've won another natural resources lottery prize; the first was oil, the second is renewable energy.

"I'm delighted that Aquamarine Power, a Scottish company, is at the cutting edge of this new technology
.  We should be seeing more companies joining Scotland's renewable revolution in the near future."