Don’t lose your vote!

A quarter of a million people could lose out on their right to vote next year if they don’t take steps to get on the register, according to SNP MEP Alyn Smith.


A4_Make_Voice_Heard_2013.jpgSmith said:

“As the registration campaign starts for 16 year-olds to get on the electoral roll for the independence referendum next year, I want to urge all European citizens to register too.

“Anyone born anywhere in the EU has a right to vote in next year’s European election, which will help decide direction of Europe for the next five years. They’ll also have the right to vote in the referendum, there are a quarter of a million of them, and their voices are as important as everyone else’s in Scotland - as far as I'm concerned, anyone who lives in Scotland is Scottish.

“Scotland is a true democratic society and it is essential to ensure that we have representatives in Europe and a government at home that follows the will of the people who live, work and study in our country.

“Thousands of Polish, French, Spanish and other Europeans choose to live here and contribute to this country and their contribution to Scotland is valuable and welcome.

“It is crucial that anyone who wants to vote registers to do so and you can do that through your local council. Who you vote for is a decision for you, but having your say on who represents you and being part of the political process is important in itself. Don’t waste your opportunity to vote!”