Dismay over P7 "Palestinian terrorists" homework

Alyn writes to North Lanarkshire Council calling for an investigation.

SNP Alyn Smith, Scottish member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee has fiercely criticised North Lanarkshire Council following reports that P7 pupils at New Stevenson Primary School were given worksheets which labelled Palestinians as “terrorists”.

The handouts issued by a primary school in Motherwell asserted that “Palestinians feel they have the right to use terrorism against Israelis” and asked students to “describe two examples of Palestinian terrorist activities”. 

Alyn said:

“I’m deeply disturbed not only by the lack of understanding of the conflict in the Middle East by whoever produced these worksheets but also because the Council and the teachers allowed for this misleading and entirely counterproductive message to be passed to pupils as young as 11.

“I’ve written to the North Lanarkshire Council asking for a swift investigation to find out how these handouts made it to the school in the first place and to ensure lessons have been learned.

“We must remember that the history of the conflict in the Middle East is an extremely complex matter and simply labelling one side as “terrorist” is misleading and offensive. The Palestinian struggle for self-determination and statehood should never be represented in this way."

Please see below my letter to North Lanarkshire Council.