Disappointment At EU Energy Report

SNP MEP, and Scotland's sole member of the European Parliament's Energy Committee has expressed disappointment at a Parliament report on EU energy policy cooperation which includes support for nuclear energy.
The report, Engaging in Energy Policy Cooperation, which was adopted in Strasbourg yesterday, seeks to find a common approach which would extend the EU's sphere of influence on the energy market. However, Alyn abstained from the final vote due to its pro-nuclear stance.
Alyn said,
"I was dissapointed to see the inclusion of nuclear power in this report. Parliament continued the myth that nuclear power is somehow economic and sustainable when it is clearly neither.
"Nuclear power relies on imported uranium, and massive, often hidden, public subsidy. In terms of bang for buck it is just not where we need to go, and it is a pity that the majority in Parliament remains blinkered on the nuclear issue when there are so many alternatives we could be taking forward, as evident in Scotland's growing renewables industry.
"Credit where it is due, the report did well to regonise the need for an efficient, functioning internal market that can create more competition among our external partners. Europe is a major player in the global energy markets yet no common negotiating position with third countries exists. If we worked in a coordinated manner at EU level, and took a firm, common negotiating position, we could improve our barganing position as a strong market-player.
"Including nuclear energy in this intiative however is a step in the wrong direction. The report welcomes ITER, a nuclear fusion and engineering project, which will neither tackle climate change nor guarantee security of our energy supply. The EU's energy research should be focused elsewhere."