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'Dirty tricks' alleged over Catalunya in EU Commission

Alyn Smith MEP, who is heading to Catalunya on an observation mission for the elections this coming Sunday, has written to President Jean-Claude Juncker seeking urgent clarification into an alleged dirty tricks incident whereby the Spanish version of the Commission’s answer to a Parliamentary Question on Catalan independence differed considerably from the original approved English version.

In his letter to President Juncker, Alyn stated his belief that this may be the work of as few as one or two officials in the European Commission, but this is both highly concerning and highly inflammatory.  

Alyn said: 

“The remarkable discrepancy between answers given cannot possibly be a simple mistranslation.

"The Spanish language answer given to the question was a completely different text.  

“The English language version is the only authentic version, because it is the English version to which the President agreed and which bears his signature. 

"The Spanish language version was nonetheless published, and used extensively in the media by opponents of Catalan independence.  It has since been removed from the European Commission site but this is unacceptable attempt to misrepresent the Commission’s position ahead of democratic election in Catalunya.  

 “There has clearly been a major breach of trust by perhaps even just one individual but it is crucial this individual or individuals be identified and their motives uncovered before Catalans go to the polls on Sunday.”

Allen's letter can be found here: