Delayed Flight? There's an app for that

SNP MEP Alyn Smith has advised holidaymakers travelling during the summer period to make sure they know their rights by downloading the European Commission’s latest app

The application - running on all the latest Apple iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices - is part of the Commission’s "Your Passenger Rights at Hand" campaign and has already been downloaded over 140,000 times. 

Commenting, Smith - now in his third term as MEP for Scotland - said: 

“One of the most stressful points of any holiday is the fear that you could be faced with a heavy delay, which disrupts the rest of your plans. This new app will make it easier for anyone found in such an unfortunate situation to know what they are entitled to and if they can claim compensation. 

“From flight delays to train cancellations, as a European citizen you have rights and knowing them could save you thousands of pounds and unmeasurable stress. 

“The app has all the information and explains your rights in details - and in 25 different languages - in a user-friendly way, which fits right in your pocket. 

“The EU has delivered a lot in terms of consumer rights. Any passenger on a flight originating from the EU which is delayed for more than 3 hours can claim for compensation, up to £480 per person depending on the flight. 

“We’ve also seen repeated action on reducing charges for using your phone abroad with plans for roaming charges to be completely eradicated.

“With Parliament reconvening after the European elections in May, I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to make significant progress in ensuring more rights for passengers and consumers across the whole of the community.