Alyn unhappy with copyright compromise and vows "the fight goes on"

Alyn Smith MEP has expressed his "deep disappointment" in the result of today's outcome of the Copyright Directive trilogue negotiations. A text has now been finalised concerning the "link tax" (Article 11) and upload filters (Article 13).

Alyn said: 

"Back in September, I supported amendments to Articles 11 and 13 because – no matter how well-intentioned proposals to close the value-gap for artists and content creators are – the proposals overlooked the right of consumers to upload and share their personal creations. 

"There is an undeniable right for creators to be properly compensated for their work, and I have always supported that right. On the other hand, we must also seek to protect the public who have the right to freedom of expression. 

"Furthermore, the right to proportionate remuneration has been watered-down significantly due to buy-out contracts being approved in the final text.

"My group colleague Julia Reda and I have worked together previously to protect Freedom of Panorama, and I agree with her comment that upload filters simply do not work as they can’t tell the difference between legal parodies and actual copyright infringements. 

"However, the final vote in plenary will not be until the end of March at the very earliest. The fight goes on; I will continue to oppose a link tax and upload filters."