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Constituency Cases

Every day, my office receives letters, e-mails and phone calls from people all over Scotland. The reasons for why they contact me are varied however often a single issue can be of concern to a great number of people.

With the whole of Scotland as my constituency and the whole of the EU's work to keep an eye on I receive upwards of 350 emails a day, so sometimes my response is not as quick as I'd like.  However, we aim to respond to all correspondence within 20 working days.

This section of my website will allow you to see how my office deals with such constituent enquiries; the cases we can become involved in and the ones that are simply not within my remit.

You can also see the bigger issues that crop up, how my office has dealt with them and what action I have taken. Some issues are ongoing, with new ones arising all the time and so this section will be updated accordingly.

Sometimes I am unable to become involved....

While I would like to help every person that contacts me, this is just not possible due to many issues simply being out-with my role as an MEP. This includes some domestic issues which lie with either Holyrood or Westminster. In these instances, I would recommend that a constituent instead contact their local MSP or MP. You can find out who your local representatives are .

I sometimes receive letters from constituents regarding a legal case. Whether they feel that an individual’s human rights have been violated, or they would like to take legal action against a company, they write to me believing that I can assist them. This is a common error, caused by the confusion that my work crosses over in to the European Court of Human Rights. To take a case to the European Court of Human Rights however, you must have professional legal representation, and I am not in a position to provide this. In these instances, I would encourage the constituent to contact an organisation such as The Citizens Advice Bureaux which offers free, impartial information and legal advice: .

Constituents from the Scottish Parliament regions; North East, Mid Scotland and Fife, and Central....

In an effort to function as efficiently as possible, my office and I work alongside my SNP colleague Ian Hudghton MEP, where under an informal agreement, we take a lead on constituency matters in different parts of Scotland. Ian takes the lead in the Scottish Parliament regions; North East, Mid Scotland and Fife, and Central.  I take the lead in the Highlands and Islands, West of Scotland, Glasgow, South of Scotland and Lothians regions. Therefore, if you are contacting me from one of Ian’s areas, I may direct you to his office. This is in an effort to avoid duplication however I would assist Ian as necessary. You can contact Ian at .

The Bigger Issues

I endeavour to do everything I can to help those who contact me, and this section will allow you to see the chain reaction that follows from a letter, phone call or e-mail.