Comprehensive ban on cloned food approved

SNP Member of the European Parliament and member of the Agriculture Committee, Alyn Smith, has today welcomed the passage of a European Parliament report which seeks a comprehensive ban on the marketing of food from clones and their descendants, and includes a demand to implement a system to guarantee the traceability of these products.

The report was passed by 529 votes to 120.

After the vote, Alyn Smith said:

"Shame on the UK Conservatives for trying to prevent the ban from extending to the offspring of cloned animals. Until we have consensus that food from cloned animals and their offspring is completely safe for human consumption then there must be a precautionary ban put in place. I am glad that their position was so soundly defeated.

"Maintaining consumer confidence is vital for our farmers, and cloning animals for food raises questions about food safety, animal welfare, genetic diversity and livestock management. These are major issues which cannot be ignored. Science should evolve in a lab, not in our food chain.

"I am pleased to see the Parliament adopt such a strong position and I can only hope that agreement can now be reached with Council so that our extremely out of date regulation from 1997 can be brought into the 21st century."