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I currently sit as a member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. I work to influence legislation and ensure that any new developments suit Scotland’s needs.

Foreign Affairs Committee

Since my election in 2014, I’ve been serving as a full member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. As you might guess, this is a key player in the design and implementation of the EU’s foreign policy, deciding on the way European funds are used to promote the EU’s interests and values abroad. The committee closely monitors the performance of other EU institutions, particularly the European Commission.

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Substitute member of the Agriculture and Rural Development Committee

I have played an active role on the Parliament's Agriculture and Rural Development Committee during each of my terms as an MEP. I continue to do so after my 2019 re-election. 

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It am a full member of the European Parliament's delegation to the EU-Kazakhstan, EU-Kyrgyzstan, EU-Tajikistan and EU-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Cooperation Committees and for relations with Turkmenistan and Mongolia (DCAS).