Boost for campaigners against live exports for slaughter

Campaigners against live exports for slaughter have received a huge boost as Scotland’s sole voice on the European Parliament’s Agriculture Committee, Alyn Smith MEP, gave his backing to their campaign.

Compassion in World Farming (CiWF) has highlighted the brutal slaughter practices suffered by farm animals in non-EU countries, and called for an end to the export of live animals leaving the EU. Leaked photographs show bulls having their throats hacked, their eyes gouged, and taking almost four minutes to die on a floor awash with blood.  EU legislation aims to minimise the pain and suffering of animals through the use of properly approved stunning methods, and applies to third countries exporting meat to the EU. 

Alyn said:

“None of us are under any illusions about how meat gets from the field to our plates, but this evidence from CiWF is just horrific. 

“EU legislation clearly states that any person involved in the killing of these animals should take the necessary measures to avoid pain and minimise the distress and suffering of animals during the slaughtering process. That is not what we’re seeing here.

“It stands to reason that it is vastly preferable to transport meat instead of live animals, which is why I support local slaughterhouses.

“We should not export live animals for slaughter to countries where we cannot safeguard their welfare. It’s that simple.”