Bacon & Eggs: How cruel is your breakfast?

Alyn Smith MEP has asked Scots to question just how cruel their breakfast is. Scottish farmers are renowned for their high standards, however several EU states have been found to be in violation of EU animal welfare laws affecting pigs and chickens. Now the Scots MEP is calling for the European Commission to take tougher action.

Commenting, Mr Smith said:

“Across Europe we have seen several states undermine EU law. A battery cage ban on hens came into force over 18 months ago, yet both Greece and Italy are being taken to court for failing to bring their industry up to standard.

“Even more shockingly 17 Member States have fallen foul of pig welfare standards that were agreed some 10 years ago. Across Europe, pigs are often kept in barren conditions, on slatted floors without straw or bedding, suffering routine mutilations, in breach of EU law designed to protect pigs.

“The castration of pigs without anaesthesia also continues to happen in almost every Member State, despite voluntarily declarations at both European and national level.

“The European Commission has given enough warnings. They must now press ahead with legal action against all States who have not brought their industry up to standard. Scottish farmers have long been compliant with animal welfare rules and it is unfair that they are being punished for the failure of other farmers around Europe.

“Citizens across Europe deserve to know that their bacon and eggs are ethically produced. In Scotland we have managed that. So the message is clear: Buy Local and Trust Scottish.”