EU sustainable energy week: Alyn Smith

Scotland is home to some of the most exciting emerging energy technologies, says Alyn Smith.


Published by The Parliament Magazine on 11th June 2012

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How the EU can save the planet

Gone are the days that a discussion on climate change would conjure up images of vegetables patches, hemp bags and tofu; the stereotype of “being green” is just that- a stereotype. You can care about the planet if you are wealthy or poor, liberal or conservative, a small family or a multi-national corporation.



Published in The Caledonian Mercury 2 December 2011

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Alyn Smith MEP: Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on

Writing for PoliticsHome on St Andrew's day SNP MEP Alyn Smith argues the case for Scottish independence.


Published by on 30th November 2011.

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Tidal energy: Alyn Smith MEP

The EU must make the most of its potential energy resources, argues Alyn Smith.





Published by The Parliament Magazine on 21st November 2011.

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Arab Spring – a Berlin Wall moment or missed opportunity?

The Arab Spring has continued unabated over the long hot summer months, and with the end of the Holy month of Ramadan it is only likely that we will see an upsurge in continued activism.


 Published in The Caledonian Mercury 16 September 2011

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