EU must do more to oppose Israel's Occupation of Palestine, starting by hitting them where it hurts: their economy

For years, the EU has been humiliated by Israel's defiance of its calls to stop illegal settlements. But now, argues Alyn patience is running out in Brussels and a new foreign policy chief's priority should be to get tough now with Israel – starting by labelling all goods produced in occupied territories before they enter the EU.


Published by Annahar on 11th November.

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UK must not hinder Palestine's right to International Criminal Court

Alyn's op-ed on the UK Government’s stated aims regarding the Israel-Palestine conflict, and its actions, specifically in regard to its position on Palestinian accession to the International Criminal Court (ICC)


Published in the Huffington Post on 17th October.


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Human rights at risk in Scotland too

Alyn's letter to the Scotsman regarding their recent coverage of Tory plans to junk the Human Rights Act.


Published in the Scotsman on October 3rd 2014 

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Promises of further powers must be fulfilled

As Scotland shakes herself off after the Referendum, Alyn considers the options. Perhaps a new Yes coalition can hold MPs to their promises.  


Published in The Sunday Herald on 21st September 2014.

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Independent Scotland footloose but not EU-free

If Scotland breaks away from the United Kingdom, it will remain part of the European Union. That's what Alyn Smith, a Scottish member of the European Parliament, contends. But will those plans work?


Interview Published by Deutsche Welle online on 10th September 2014.

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Good news for democracy, good news for Europe

The EU, ECHR and Council of Europe, will notice a big and positive difference


Published in New Europe, September 10th 2014

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Scottish Independence Referendum – Scotland – a presence among equals

With a Yes to Independence, Scotland has an opportunity to join the international community as a presence among equals. 




Published in The Edinburgh Reporter, Tuesday September 9th 2014

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Commission chief ‘scaremongering’ over Scottish independence

Barroso takes the low road


Published in NewEurope online on Sunday 2nd March 2014.

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Scotland can be proud of Itself ... but the fight’s not over yet

This week a majority of our representatives in our national parliament will vote to approve equal marriage


Published in Herald on Sunday on 2nd February 2014

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Alyn Smith: UK isolated by unpleasant rhetoric

Scotland has an opportunity to distance itself from scaremongering.


Published in the Scotsman on Thursday 23rd January 2014

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