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Another EU boost for Caithness Broch Project

The Caithness Broch Project has received more support for its campaign to build a full-size replica in Caithness, with the European Commission itself writing to Scottish MEP Alyn Smith to suggest further avenues of funding. 

In his letter to Alyn, Commissioner Tibor Navracsics urges the Broch Project to “fully exploit the cultural, financial and educational potential it can have for the area of Caithness” by applying to the Creative Europe programme in Scotland. Through the Creative Europe programme, the Commission supports European cooperation in the cultural and creative sectors, and co-funds several types of projects. 

Alyn said: 

“This is great news from the European Commission! I’ve already written to Creative Europe to outline the Broch Project’s plans and the benefits it would bring to Caithness – and indeed Scotland as a whole. 

As I said in my letter to the Commission, anyone who knows Caithness knows that the winding-down of Dounreay is leaving the area in need of employment diversification. A full-size broch will create jobs in the tourism and culture sectors, in addition to all the school outreach programmes the Project plans to run for schools and tours.

“Approaching the EU referendum, we’ve all got a lot on our plates, but I will keep doing all I can to get funding for what may well be a vital development for Caithness.”

Kenneth McElroy of the Caithness Broch Project added:

“It’s fantastic to see the Broch Project being spoken so highly of by the European Commission! Alyn has been tremendously supportive of the entire project, and I look forward to getting a response from Creative Europe.”  

Gail Ross, MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, said:

“Now more than ever we need to see more investment in Caithness, and this is a great opportunity to create jobs and promote our local heritage.”