I am Scotland's only voice on the European Parliament's Agriculture Committee, where I vote on legislation, drafts reports, and stands up for Scotland's rights in Europe. I was my group's Shadow Rapporteur on Unfair Practices in the Supply Chain, and in 2009 won the coveted Scottish Farmer Award for 'Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Agriculture.'

Animal Welfare 

As Honorary Vice-President of the Scottish SPCA, animal welfare is an area close to my heart. Here you can find out more on the work I am doing in Parliament and with animal welfare charities to promote animal wellbeing. 

Foreign Affairs 

I am a full member of the European Parliament's prestigious Committee for Foreign Affairs, which sees me working on wide-reaching issues between EU and non-EU countries. I am also a full member of both the Delegation for relations with the Arab Peninsula, and the Delegation for relations with Iraq - an ideal role for the Glasgow boy who grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Human Rights 

The SNP manifesto for the 2014 European Parliament election promised to protect the fundamental rights of all citizens, especially those of minority and disadvantaged groups. More information on my work in standing up for these rights is available below. 


The SNP is committed to advancing equality at home, through Europe, and throughout the world. That's why I stand up for LGBTI rights at every opportunity. Closer to home, I serve as an unpaid Director of LGBT Youth Scotland, an anti-homophobia charity based in Scotland.