Alyn Welcomes Intervention By US President On Equal Marriage

President of the United States Barack Obama yesterday announced his support  of equal marriage in an interview to ABC News, saying "I think same sex couples should be able to get married."

The interview came just three days after Vice-President Joe Biden also backed same-sex marriage.

Commenting, Alyn Smith MEP said:

“Every country's debate on this, and it is one issue among many, is different, but this is certainly helpful. President Obama has provided real leadership on an issue over which too many politicians are too equivocal.

"I am entirely supportive of equal marriage, and believe it to be a crucial next step towards the respectful egalitarian progressive society I believe Scotland to be. 

“Marriage is, for me, about two people who love each other – as it appears to be for President Obama. While I will not myself have a vote on the legislation, I have faith in the good sense of our MSPs to decide, as our representatives, what sort of arrangements we want to live by.

“I also have confidence that a sufficient accommodation can be granted to those faith groups unable to endorse society's norms that they will feel confident they will not be forced to.  Equally, while faith groups clearly have a place in our public discourse, it is for us as a society of all faiths and none to decide how we live."