Alyn welcomes EU funding for Scottish energy infrastructure

Alyn Smith, Scottish MEP and former member of the European Parliament’s Energy Committee, has hailed the announcement of new European investment in upgrading Scotland’s electricity network as a vote of confidence in Scotland’s renewables revolution.

The European Commission has published the first list of energy projects to actually receive funding as Projects of Common Interest from the Connecting Europe Facility.

The total funding amounts to €647m of which around €100m will be invested in projects involving Scottish energy systems. The three projects to be awarded this funding are:

  • €33.8m for works on the twinning of southwest Scotland onshore system between Cluden and Brighouse Bay
  • €31.7m for works on developing a smart grid between Ireland and the UK.
  • €31.3m for a study on the Norway-UK Interconnector

Alyn said:

“The announcement by the Commission today is excellent news for Scotland and shows that our government’s commitment to a clean, green energy supply through new generations of renewables technology is being noticed at the highest levels.

“This investment shows the confidence that the EU has in Scotland as we have been awarded almost €100m. With a target of 100% of electricity demand from renewables well on its way to completion, Scotland is not only securing its own energy supply but contributing to broader European goals and targets for energy security, in a time of global uncertainty.

“This investment will not only develop infrastructure in Scotland but also help to produce jobs in the energy sector.”

A list of projects receiving financial aid can be downloaded as PDF from the European Parliament