Alyn urges Scots to use EU small claims rights

The European Commission has launched a public consultation aiming to extend the scope of EU regulation on small claims procedures for small businesses and consumers in cross-border disputes. The European Small Claims Procedure is under-used at present as not enough people are aware of it.

The European Small Claims Procedure is a simple and inexpensive way to resolve cross-border disputes for amounts below €2000, allowing consumers to enforce their rights without complicated legal procedures. SNP MEP Alyn Smith has urged Scots to grab the opportunity on offer to improve access to justice in small-scale cross-border disputes by responding to this consultation.

Alyn said:

"Cross-border shopping is more common than ever but we need to ensure that consumers can assert their rights when things go wrong. That is where the European Small Claims Procedure offers a
cheap and easy route for sorting out cross-border claims.

"When people order a product from another EU country and it isn't delivered, there must be a clear route for them to take action. It is a staggering fact that around 20% of European consumers
say that they've had a problem during the last year with a product, service, retailer or service provider, but only 2% have taken legal action. We need to raise awareness and encourage more people to use the Small Claims Procedure.

"In order to improve the European Small Claims Procedure, the Commission needs to hear the experiences that people have had when using it. I'd urge as many Scottish consumers and SMEs to respond as possible."