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Alyn to seek nomination for Stirling ahead of General Election

Alyn Smith has contacted all branches and the Constituency Association of Stirling SNP to seek the nomination for the Stirling Westminster seat at the next General Election. He confirmed he is approved vetting and his application letter is reproduced below.

The SNP have opened nominations for a possible Westminster election given the ongoing political chaos. The current Conservative MP for Stirling was elected in 2017 with a majority of just 148, or 0.3%.

Alyn has represented Stirling along with the whole of Scotland in the European Parliament since 2004, is the current President of the European Free Alliance party and Vice-President of the Greens/EFA group, and currently serves as the Policy Development Convener of the SNP.

He currently has a constituency office in Stirling, next door to local MSP Bruce Crawford.  

Commenting, Alyn Smith said: 

"I have strong connections to the Stirling area, having worked so closely over the years with people like Bruce Crawford and Stirling Council Leader Scott Farmer. I love the place, and would be honoured to have the opportunity to represent the interests of folk here in the UK Parliament.

"I've been blown away by the support and encouragement I've had from local folk and nationwide figures within the Party and public life.

"This is going to be the brexit election, and by selecting me we can put Europe at the heart of the SNP's campaign   I am committed to stopping Brexit, and the closer we get to Boris Johnson's October 31st deadline, the clearer it is that the fight to stop Brexit is not in Brussels, it is in the House of Commons by making sure there are fewer Tories.

"Stirling voted overwhelmingly to remain in the European Union in 2016, and the current Tory MP has done nothing to respect the wishes of more than two-thirds of his constituents on this matter. Neither has he backed calls for the broken Universal Credit system to be halted until it can be properly fixed, despite it pushing many people here into deeper poverty and hardship. Nor has he stood up to the UK Government, who refused to act when Stirling communities lost their local bank branches.

"Whilst Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom, I am determined to provide people here in Stirling a strong voice in Westminster. However, as Scotland is dragged out of the EU against the will of the majority of people here, an independent Scotland in Europe increasingly becomes the favoured option of local people."



5 September 2019

I hope this finds you well in the strange times we live in.  I write further to numerous discussions with various folks in Stirling to formally submit my candidacy for the forthcoming potential Westminster election. I can confirm that I am on the published list of the Party’s approved potential parliamentary candidates. 

As you know, I have represented Stirling, along with the rest of Scotland, in the European parliament since 2004.  Thinking back, what a journey the Party and Scotland has been on!  I am proud to have played my part in building our success.  We won the 2009 and 2014 European elections, and in the recent 2019 election just passed I was privileged to lead the SNP team to the Party’s best ever European result, winning three out of the six Scottish seats.  We won, and in Stirling significantly won, the 2016 EU Referendum not just in Stirling but across the whole of Scotland.  I believe that victory has set Scotland on the path to independence in Europe.

I have, since the EU referendum, come to the view that the fight for Scotland in Europe and indeed Scotland in the World, is not in Brussels.  This may seem counterintuitive, but we have friends, networks and credibility in spades in Brussels, and I am proud to have played my part in building that potential.  Instead, the argument we need to win is in the place holding us back, and potentially dragging us out of the EU against our will, Westminster.

This is going to be a strange Westminster election, and I hope that I can be an able candidate in Stirling.  I have a close relationship with Bruce Crawford and many others in the constituency, and believe I am well placed to leverage the woeful record of the current MP, not least his continued failure to recognise or even respect the significant remain vote in Stirling as well as his stance on Universal Credit, and co-operation with the Scottish government.

I am a proven team player and a proven winner. Whilst I'm not local to Stirling, I know the place well and I would of course alter my domestic arrangements if selected as candidate. I know the area well and have strong connections to the place, in this campaign I’m making a long term commitment to Stirling.  Within Brussels, I am on a list so if elected the Party’s representation does not decrease.

I am excited about the prospect before us, and think we can use this Westminster election to take Stirling back and in so doing massively advance the Cause.  I would be privileged to be your candidate and will be in touch with further information.

Yours aye,