Alyn to investigate Dundee bid for European Capital of Culture

Following on from the announcement today that Dundee has narrowly lost out on its bid to be the UK’s City of Culture in 2017, SNP MEP Alyn Smith has proposed the idea of the city applying to become the EU’s Capital of Culture.


The European Capital of Culture is given to at least two cities each year and Smith believes that Dundee would stand an excellent chance in winning the coveted title.

Commenting, Smith said:

“The programme put together by the organisers of the Dundee bid for the 2017 UK City of Culture was truly fantastic and everyone involved in the project should be given our full congratulations.

“We always knew that it was going to be a tough one with the other cities also having some fantastic ideas but I honestly thought that we had the best selection of events on offer and it’s disappointing to fall short at the last hurdle, however this isn’t necessarily the end of the Dundee project.

“Every year at least two cities are selected to be the Europe's Capital of Culture and I think Dundee would be the perfect contender. Two of the central projects to the UK’s City of Culture bid were the opening of the V&A museum and the waterfront regeneration project are going ahead anyway, there’s nothing to say the rest of the plans can also not be revived.

“The economic benefit that Dundee would see if it was to become the EU’s Capital of Culture would be huge. The City of Discovery has a great story to tell and inviting the whole of Europe to share in that would be fantastic.”