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Alyn Smith takes the plunge

River race raises funds for mountain rescue

after.jpgSNP MEP Alyn Smith braved the rapids of a highland river on a lilo to raise funds for Lochaber Mountain Rescue.  The annual Glen Nevis River Race follows a two mile course of chilly water and rock-dodging down the Gurgling Gorge, through Dead Dog Pool, past the Leg Breaker and over Lower Falls Leap.

Alyn said: 

“I survived!  It was a bit scary but a lot of fun.  There were 47 people taking part and I raised over £300 so there was probably a few thousand pounds in total raised to support the team and help them keep saving lives over the next year.

2nd_jump.jpg“It was great to see so many people taking part, taking time to support others who do something special for society.  Congratulations have to go to the organisers who mounted an excellent event and gave us all the opportunity to give support to the mountain rescue team.

“We had a fantastic day, surrounded by some of the best and most stunning scenery there is.  Scotland has so much to offer in natural beauty and communities who’ll join together to make a difference.

“There’s still a few days for people to give some money to support the team through sponsoring someone.  My sponsorship page is at for anyone who wants to do that.”