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Alyn Signs Up For New Anti-Nuclear Global Campaign

Alyn Smith MEP has added his support to the latest initiative to rid the world of nuclear weapons, signing up to the Global Zero Action Plan urging action by all of the nuclear powers to reduce and then remove nuclear weapons stocks. 

After signing the European Parliament Written Declaration in support Alyn said:

“Ridding the world of the immoral and ruinously expensive obscenity of nuclear weapons is the best legacy our generation can pass on.  Leaving behind that chalice brimming with poison would be a betrayal beyond compare.

“The SNP has a long and proud history of opposition to nuclear weapons, and in October of last year we renewed our commitment to ridding Scotland of them.  I want to see the whole world moving towards a nuclear-free future and I’ll support every move to take us there.

“The Global Zero Action Plan was designed by an expert group that includes former military commanders, former heads of state, former foreign and defence ministers and former national security advisors working in the Global Zero Initiative.  These are people who have been at the serious end of defence, have had nuclear weapons at their disposal, and have come to the conclusion that these are not weapons that could or should be maintained.

“Nuclear weapons, by their very nature, are intended to kill and maim non-combatants and to destroy the lands they target, these are not weapons of war, they are weapons of genocide and we should get rid of them.

“I can’t put it better than the inscription on the memorial in Hiroshima Peace Park:

            Let all souls here rest in peace
            For we shall not repeat the evil

“The evil of nuclear weapons must end and we must do what we can to hasten that end.”

The European Parliament Written Declaration is available here -

The Global Zero Action Plan is available here -

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