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Alyn selected by SNP to fight for Stirling at Westminster

Alyn Smith MEP has been confirmed as the SNP candidate in the forthcoming Westminster elections for the Stirling constituency.

Alyn is Scotland’s longest serving MEP, Group Leader of the SNP Group, President of the European Free Alliance Group and First Vice President of the European Green Group. If elected he will stand down as MEP and be replaced in Brussels by the next placed SNP European candidate.

Alyn said:

“I’m delighted, and raring to go as part of the SNP team. The SNP runs Stirling Council, and my great friend Bruce Crawford MSP represents Stirling in our national Parliament in Edinburgh. We won the European election here convincingly, as well as voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. It is high time we won this seat back at Westminster too and spoke up for Stirling and Scotland in Europe.

“Stirling is the jewel in Scotland’s crown, and Stirling constituency is the heart of Scotland. I want to make it the heart of Scotland’s politics too, not east nor West, nor highland or central belt.  To win Scotland we must win Stirling. It will be a tough debate but I’m up for it. 

“Deciding to put myself forward for Westminster and so leaving the European Parliament has been a tough decision, but I want to be where the fight is, and the fight we need to win is not in Brussels or Edinburgh.  Scotland faces being dragged out of the EU against our will, by Westminster.  We’ll turn that argument around at Westminster, by having fewer Tories. I know the EU inside out, I’ll go through them.

“I’ve already hit the ground running. Having an office here as well as representing Stirling along with the rest of Scotland in the European Parliament for 15 years I already have good connections, which I look forward to building up and uniting the pro-EU majority behind my candidacy.”


Alyn’s email to members in Stirling is reproduced below:


Dear friend,

I thought I would drop you a final line as you come to consider your vote in the SNP selection contest to choose who will have the privilege of representing the Party in Stirling constituency at the forthcoming Westminster election.

I’ve been blown away by the response I’ve had from local members and activists, and I firmly believe with me as your candidate we have a better chance of not just winning this seat back, but building Stirling into the beating heart of our nation’s independence movement.

I’ve produced a campaign flier which you can find here:

and a wee video from the hustings at Stirling Uni on Wednesday night which you can find here:

I’ve had the privilege of representing Stirling and the rest of Scotland in Europe for 15 years.  In the recent European election I led our candidates to our best ever result.  I believe Scotland in Europe will deliver our nation's independence.  So why try for Westminster?

Because that’s where the fight is and we’ll win that fight by having fewer Tories.  I’m sick of watching them decide my and all of our fates.  I want to get in about them.

Stirling is a jewel in the crown constituency.  I can help make it the jewel in the crown of the Yes movement.  I’m only seeking nomination in one constituency, here.  I don’t just want to take on the Tories anywhere, I want to represent Stirling.  I’m in the process of moving here and am making a real commitment to the place.

In Brussels I’m elected on a list so if I’m elected then our next-placed candidate replaces me and the Party’s representation remains the same.

I have a great relationship with Bruce Crawford and the local organisation.  I’m good at building bridges and can reach key groups here.  I’ve served on the Agriculture Committee since 2007 and previously the Industry, Research and Energy Committee, I can reach farmers, students and academics.  And this will be the brexit election.  Stirling voted massively to remain and I can speak to that audience too.

I would be very grateful for your support.  If you’re minded to be vocal about your support do please tell your friends, and on social media use the hashtag #AlynforStirling.  We have graphics available to share, do get in touch for them, or anything else, at

I’ve had a great response from local members and I hope you’ll support me.  With your support I can win this seat back and take the first step on building Stirling constituency into an organisation the envy of the Party and the Yes movement.

Yours aye